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Some hipstery I’m not really a hipster I promise bird stencils

Three mockingbirds






































Three small japanese stab bindings, with birds.


More printmaking and bookmaking

Portrait of Sarah. The text is a poem of mine, "These Afternoons." Silkscreen print, double needle coptic binding. Fall 2009.

Birds. The print is a paper litho print from spring 2009. Double needle coptic binding. Fall 2009.

Beet love. The paper litho print is down from a topagraphical map of the farm in Vermont that I wrote my "beet love" poem about. Doulbe needle coptic binding.

2010 Calendars

I only made a few 2010 calendars, but they were a lot of fun anyway.

Right to left: Beet calendar with double caterpillar binding decoration, bar-loop binding; resistance of the heart calendar with modified long stitch binding; red silk calendar.

Basil calendar. Woven caterpillar binding; paper bag cover, recycled paper lining.

Standard caterpillar binding. The endpapers are tea-dyed.

resistance of the heart

is not enough.

Self portrait. The text reads "resistance of the heart is not enough, put your hands to work." paper lithography and handmade jeans paper (from Michelle Wilson). Coptic binding.

“Resistance of the heart is not enough” was my response to the Bread & Puppet poster, “Resistance of the heart to business as usual (their website is: http://breadandpuppet.org/).  I love the poster, but I always find myself thinking, resistance of the heart really isn’t enough.  It’s a crucial start.  But alone, it means nothing get done and lots of people talk about how important it is to resist.  Resist like the very thought is enough to excuse them from action.

This self-portrait is my response: you have to get to work, you have to take action and change the world, remake and break through what is already there.

The endpaper is my own handmade beet fiber paper.