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Some hipstery I’m not really a hipster I promise bird stencils

Three mockingbirds






































Three small japanese stab bindings, with birds.


Various Books Fall 2010 and Winter 2011

Here are several different books I’ve made in the last two months.









These books, from left to right: The first is a simple coptic binding done with hemp and fishnet handmade paper from a local art store.  The middle books is a button-hole binding with the end papers left long inside the cut-out section.  The third book is a slotted spine, also sewn with hemp.

Coptic detail.










This next one is a caterpillar binding

















These last two are hardbound books.  I made a whole series of hardbound books this winter, although sadly I sold most before getting around to photographing them.  Likewise the 2011 calendars I made were sold or given away before I pulled out my camera.

Re-used silk books

I’ve been doing some sewing work for a non-profit recently and it has left me with bits of silk which are less than ideal for the sewing but which, because they have a backing attached, are perfect for book covers. These are made with small scraps of old bridesmaid and prom dresses, glued, stamped and stenciled, and sewn with several different bindings.

This book, with green ribbons and green banana paper corners, is a variation on the slotted spine long-stitch in which the thread of every third signature is wrapped around the two earlier stitches, producing this cord.

The text that repeats across the cover of this book is a poem I wrote years ago.


Handmade paper

Watercolor on 100% cotton paper. Bar-loop binding

I took a paper making class last fall where I experimented with all kinds of handmade papers using cotton, jeans, celery, beet leaves, and various pigments.

Celery fiber and cotton paper. Wrapped caterpillar binding.

Beet leaf fiber and cotton paper. Woven caterpillar binding.

Detail of caterpillar weave.

2010 Calendars

I only made a few 2010 calendars, but they were a lot of fun anyway.

Right to left: Beet calendar with double caterpillar binding decoration, bar-loop binding; resistance of the heart calendar with modified long stitch binding; red silk calendar.

Basil calendar. Woven caterpillar binding; paper bag cover, recycled paper lining.

Standard caterpillar binding. The endpapers are tea-dyed.

silkscreen portrait book

This book is one of several silkscreened portrait books I’ve made. The text surrounding the picture is the text to my poem, These Afternoons:

These Afternoons

You, and the long afternoon
stretched out cool and grey
at your feet,
and the softness of this
hidden sun sky on your arms
and your eyes and the
angle and shape of your books forgotten,
for now,
in the grass.

My arms pale
and the leaves on my back cold and still
under the naked limbs of trees and sky.
My arms light and the wet undersides of
fallen leaves heaped here for me.

Only after, when the
day has closed up shop,
do I feel the cold down under my skin,
and the grey light has filled me in, bit by bit.
These afternoons are not long,
they are sinking down into the darkness,
more each day,
under piles of wet leaves.

bar-loop long stitch binding.

bar-loop long stitch binding.



Silkscreened books

These are books made with parts of silkscreens from Fall 2008.

Poppies.  Modified bar-loop binding.

Poppies. Modified bar-loop binding.


These Afternoons. The text of my poem, "These Afternoons," runs along the inside pages. Bar-loop binding.